CBLF Empowers Edu4Create to Introduce Talent Based Leaning in Cameroon, Records Great strides

Education in Cameroon is gradually and steadily taking on a new twist since the introduction of Talent Based Leaning paradigm in the country by Education for Creativity (Edu4Create).  Education for Creativity is a registered not-for-profit civil society organization and an implementing partner organization of Cross Border Legacy Foundation (CBLF). Education for Creativity seeks to bridge the gap between mainstream education and the requirements for the social and professional integration of school dropouts and graduates through, talent spotting, talent identification, scientific and professional assessment of talent, talent development and talent based learning.

The Board Chair and Executive Director of Education for Creativity Ngan Sylvester outlines the dire need for talent based learning in Cameroon “Our educational system in Cameroon remains largely subject centred and examination-oriented and with little or no regards to learners’ unique natural abilities called talents. Talent based learning gives parents and teachers the opportunity to know the learner, knowing the core (talent) and the enrichment elements required to take each learner to excellence. That way, resources and time are intentionally directed towards enhancing the children’s capacities to become the best of themselves. It is for this reason that we undertook to introduce scientific and professional assessment of talent and talent based leaning in Cameroon,” emphasis Mr Ngan.

Edu4Create Board Chair trails the success path the organization has so far stridden “The Journey has been long, engaging and challenging yet with resounding success recorded. We have and still successfully carry out a nationwide sensitization on national and private TV stations, radio and social media outlets on the importance of talents base learning, have visited a spectrum of educational institutions and had audiences with education authorities to introduce the talent based learning concept.

“ In our drive to introduce the new paradigm to Cameroon we have had workshops and sensitization campaigns with parents and teachers in two schools, two churches and two social groups in the South and two schools, two churches in the North West Region of Cameroon” adds Mr Ngan.

Edu4Create Board Chair attributes the organization’s successes recorded so far to the committed team and partner organizations. “With financial support from Cross Border Legacy Foundation and contributions from some dedicated members and patrons, I travelled to Kenya for working visit and immersion in the Command Talent Clinic in Nairobi on the 26th July 2019. In Kenya, I tapped a lot of inspiration on Global perspectives to talent based learning, through a great week of immersion working between the Tricent School of Medical Health Sciences and Technology at Juja and the Command clinic (for Professional & Scientific Talent Screening) of the Gates Education Group in Nairobi Kenya” narrate Ngan with a smile adding that he prays Cross Border Legacy Foundation continue to be a blessing to her implementing partner organizations across the border.

With more success paths on the trail, on March 12, 2020 Education for Creativity invited and successfully hosted the Secretary General and CEO of the World Talent Federation  Prof. Humphrey Oborah in Cameroon on his preliminary visit to assess the readiness of the country to launch the first Gift and talent clinic, the first of its kind in the sub region. “Over 50 education stakeholders mainly school heads, service heads, Parent Teachers Association (PTA) presidents and the representative of the Governor of West Region of Cameroon and headquarters of the West Region on behalf of the rest of Cameroon received Prof. Humphrey who doubles as the President of the African Federation for the gifted and talented,” His visit did not only serve as an eye opening to talent based leaning but also saw many of these stakeholders taking commitments to work with Education for Creativity and the talent clinic when it is established.

Over the years, Education for Creativity with funding from Cross Border Legacy foundation, has been able to organize many national conferences and workshops on talent based learning in Cameroon. Mr. Ndong Peter M Secretary General of the Board of Directors of Edu4Create says that  “On December 4, 2019, we successfully organized the Yaounde Mini conference on Talent Based Learning, Scientific and Professional Assessment of Gifts and talents, structure and functioning of talent clinics which held in ENS Yaounde, was attended by participants from the North West, Center, littoral and Adamawa regions of Cameroon” Secretary General.

 Talent is never enough, reason why Edu4create has over the years strategized her actions to include: Total Quality Education such as leadership, financial education and entrepreneurship which aren’t emphasized in the Mainstream education system in Cameroon. “Today, we are able to develop and implement modern and innovative strategies to create a direct impact in the targeted groups and communities through building special enhancement programs for gifted kids and youths in collaboration with parents, teachers, and Partner organizations, institutions, businesses and companies.

 We organize capacity building and sensitization programs for parents and teachers, carry out guidance and counseling on academic and career choices for students, and we are designing academic and cultural exchange programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students in collaboration with partner universities and other higher institutions of learning as well as promoting talent-based learning in Cameroon in collaboration with relevant world and African organizations,” emphasizes Tah Kennete K Technical Consultant for Education for Creativity.

 Ndikum Harriet Vershiyi Coordinator of Literacy projects for education for Creativity points out that more and more educational stakeholders in Cameroon are embracing talent based learning with a brighter future for the all children especially the gifted or kids high abilities and those born with varying challenges and impairments. “Several Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) are being signed between Education for Creativity-Edu4Create and many stakeholders who are committed to working with Edu4Create to support the gifted and talented in Cameroon” submits Vershiyi.

 Education for Creativity with support from her strategic partner Organizations Cross-Border Legacy Foundation (CBLF), African Federation for the gifted and talented(AFGT) and the World Talent Federation (WTF) is leaving no stone unturned to make scientific and professional assessment of talent and talent based learning a reality in Cameroon through the establishment of a talent clinic.


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