Inspector Talom Prosper

Talom Prosper is an experienced secondary school teacher who has put in 31 years of service to generations of high school and university students in Cameroon and beyond. He is also an asset to the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board since 1994. Since September 2017, he is National Pedagogic Inspector (NPI) at the Ministry of Secondary Education (MINESEC) in Cameroon.
He is also a prolific poet and a novelist. He has published a collection of poems “Au Coeur du Tumulte,” two novels as well as pedagogic books. He is peace loving and this theme of love is widely developed in his works. He dreams of a world where no discrimination is possible. Though some say that such vision is utopian, he holds it firm that a little bit of good will can sail HUMANITY through. Talom Prosper is happily married; he is a father of biological as well as adopted children. He is a pillar of the education projects of CBLF USA.

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