President, CBLA Cameroon


Honorable YEBA JUDITH is member of the National Assembly (Congresswoman) of the Republic of Cameroon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Women and Entrepreneurship Cameroon, National Coordinator for the Gender and Female Leadership Network for Africa and President of several associations.
She now serves on the 11-man Board of Directors, Fundraising Committee of Cross-Border Legacy Foundation USA and, was recently voted as President of Cross-Border Legacy Association (CBLA) Cameroon, an arm, implementation and strategic partner of CBLF USA in her country. The Honorable Lady took a trip to the United States of America just to have a two-week working session with the founders of CBLF and, went back home passionate about the visionary equation that the Organization commits to solve; lift the underprivileged out of poverty.
She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English private law, Post Graduate Diploma in Career Guidance and Counseling, Master’s Degree in Sciences of Education, final year PhD candidate, specialty is Educational Technologies.
All her nonprofit moves are geared towards the betterment of the lives of vulnerable women, girls, and children. She was motivated to join CBLF USA because the Organization’s objectives which tie with her activities both on the national and international scenes.
Her nag for networking, fundraising, and partnering for a better future is to be appreciated. That motivation has made her a well read and travelled person (USA, Canada, ……).
Her vision is to promote the economic development of women, young girls, and youth in Cameroon by training them on economic activities, business plan development, how to generate income for their businesses and to see a community where underprivileged young girls and women become empowered using ICTs leading to improved livelihoods, the key to development.
Apart from being a member of the National Assembly of Cameroon, the Honorable Lady also belongs to the following associations/organizations:
-Gender and Female Leadership Network for Africa, GELFA (National Coordinator Cameroon).
-Network of Parliamentarians on the Promotion of Gender (Treasurer).
-Network of Parliamentarians on the Promotion of the wholesome education of the Girl Child (Secretary General).
-Women and Entrepreneurship Cameroon (Founder and CEO).
-National President of KEMKOLUBI WA’ASSILA (Balikumbat women’s meeting).
-Vice President, WCPDM, Yaoundé 6, Cameroon.
-Association of Women of Yaoundé 6 (Vice President).
– Catholic Women’s Association, Tower of Ivory Diocese, Yaoundé Archdiocese (Divisional Secretary).

Our Mission


We operate network of charities & organizations who create global change, provide aid to mankind by providing access to vocational and leadership education, access to health services, and connect orphaned children to shelter.