Finance Committee Member (

Delphine Sanjoh is a free-spirited and focused lady with a great capacity and will to try a hand at whatever is presented to be done. She has a great capacity to learn new things irrespective of the challenges that maybe involved. She believes in teamwork and socializing through associations be it professional, tribal, or just social.
Delphine is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Yaoundé and a certified Educator with several years of experience. After spending some years in GBHS Mamfe and Lycée Bilingue de Yaoundé as a Geography teacher, she was sent on secondment to the Ministry of Environment, Protection of Nature, and Sustainable Development. There, she has worked in several capacities and for the past 17 years in turns in the Departments of Projects and Cooperation, Conservation of Natural Resources, Development of Environmental Policies and the Centre for Information and documentation on the environment.
As a professional in the environmental sector, one of the areas she loves most is her interaction and attachment to the youth while she oversaw sensitization and environmental education on environmentally friendly habits. That was the re-birth of an inert passion buried deep within her. She is now poised to give back to HUMANITY as she serves on the platform of CBLF USA.
Out of this, Delphine is a member of several organized groups in the professional milieu, the church, alumni, as well as women’s groups of which one of the most outstanding is the Mutual Sisters Association. she was one of the founding members and has maintained an uninterrupted membership for the past 29 years. She is the present president after having served in turns as the treasurer, president, and financial secretary of the association.
Their association has always sought to help the underprivileged. Presently, it has opened a Nursery and Primary school in the Eloumden I neighborhood in Yaoundé Cameroon. Through this, they intend to foster their vision in holistic education of the youths of Cameroon as well as help especially the underprivileged relocating from the South West and North West parts of Cameroon as a result of the anglophone crises.