Glory serves on both the Finance and Projects Committees of CBLF USA. She has a background in journalism and Human Services. She is a Residential Program Manager at a Boston-based Human Services Agency. Her role includes tasks related to day-to-day operations and carrying out financial and budgetary processes.
Before switching lanes into Human Services to fulfill one of her burning passions of serving persons in need to overcome whatever challenges they faced so as to meet their individual potentials in life, Glory worked for the government-run media house in Cameroon for close to 20 years.
Glory also serves on the Board of NACDA, a Cultural and Development Association that works to foster culture and development within the Awing Fondom in the North West Region of Cameroon.
She graduated with a degree in Radio and Television from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. She also holds a Master’s Degree in human services from the University of Massachusetts in Boston.
Glory equally has hands on experience in working with local self-help Associations both in Cameroon and the USA. She is passionate about the education of children, both girls and boys from less privileged backgrounds, giving them a sense of direction in life, as well as uplifting women, be it through formal or informal education. In her continuous quest for knowledge to be put at the service of Humanity, Glory is a certified SCRUM MASTER.

Our Mission


We operate network of charities & organizations who create global change, provide aid to mankind by providing access to vocational and leadership education, access to health services, and connect orphaned children to shelter.